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  $0.05 Per Billable Minute for Each Per Minute Call
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Our affiliates requested a referral program and OmegaCash is pleased to respond with our OmegaCash Webmaster Referral Program.

Our webmaster referral program is open to any affiliate currently marketing adult phone sex numbers through OmegaCash. As a reward for your valued dedication and hard work we have created an affiliate program that keeps paying you over and over again throughout your affiliation with us.

When an affiliate successfully refers a webmaster to our OmegaCash program and their Referral signs up, you will receive $0.05 per minute for every call billed on a per minute basis. Your earned webmaster referral dollars are included into your daily online statistics and added to the total dollars earned on your monthly check.

Banners and other linking materials are available to our affiliates and will be coded with your unique referral code.

[Click here] for an example of our daily referral statistics page.


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