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OmegaCash - The #1 Adult Phone Sex Revenue Program

Over thirteen years in the making, OmegaCash embraces the adult Webmaster community, along with select individuals, looking to increase their profits or make a fresh start in the lucrative Adult Phone Sex industry.

OmegaCash is not your average everyday affiliate program; it's a highly developed program where you will receive personal assistance regardless of your experience or expertise. We are committed to providing exceptional service and support to ALL of our affiliates. If you have the will to succeed, we will personally train, and provide you with everything you need to successfully market your own Adult toll Phone Sex numbers and begin producing billable calls and profiting in this expanding industry.

Our unique services, cutting edge facilities, incredibly stable business foundation and commitment to excellence ensures that OmegaCash will continue to thrive, in an economy where others have fallen. Even during a nation wide recession, the dot-com bust and through natural disasters, OmegaCash has proven itself to be a stable, steady source of income for our affiliates.

Never in the history of the Adult Phone Sex industry has there been the opportunity that our OmegaCash programs provide, to get your foot in the door and realize the profits that marketing your own adult toll free phone sex numbers can bring to your business.

OmegaCash has continually provided world-class service to our valued affiliates and their callers for over 13 years, reinforcing our incredibly strong and established reputation within the Adult Phone Sex industry.

OmegaCash is your turnkey adult Phone Sex business. We provide everything you need to get you up and running as an adult phone sex entrepreneur completely free of charge. We provide you with individual toll free numbers, promotional material, home operators, expert customer service and industry leading billing options. Setup is free.

We provide your callers with the highest quality adult phone fantasy that can be delivered and that keeps your callers coming back for more. We're proud of our home operator's incredible track record for maintaining an industry high percentage of repeat callers. Repeat callers means a steady flow of income without an increase in advertising expenses. Our home operators are hand picked and extensively trained to handle every fantasy and keep the customer satisfied during each and every call.

Each and every day your statistics are available right here on the OmegaCash website. Accurate and up to date daily and monthly call statistics. Your checks are mailed each month on or before the 10th, No Exceptions!

OmegaCash leads the adult phone sex industry with our ability to innovate, our flexibility to expand our exclusive programs and our commitment to consistently provide outstanding service and support to all our valued members and their callers. We welcome you to our family where you will always be treated with care and respect.

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