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With our "Anything Goes" program we will furnish you with one or more adult toll free phone sex numbers to market on your sites.

If youíre an adult webmaster with good quality traffic or you already market phone sex numbers in print magazines and want to expand your circle of influence onto the World Wide Web, our Anything Goes program is a great way to supplement your income without competing or compromising with memberships, adult toy/video sales or any other product sales.

We recognize the webmasters desires to market several different niche' categories on their sites, so we created our Anything Goes program more then five years ago as a way for webmasters to get their foot in the Adult Phone Sex Industries door - quickly, easily and for free.

Our Anything Goes program is flexible enough to fit your needs. It's convenient, easy to market and saves you time and money.

You have the flexibility to promote a single niche adult phone sex number or you may decide itís better to promote several niche phone sex numbers, bottom line you have the choice.

With our Anything Goes program your callers just donít get the next available phone sex operator, your callers choose the type and style of lady they desire. One of our secretaries is always available to make sure your caller is connected to their perfect lady.

If you have researched into purchasing your own adult toll free phone sex numbers, you know by now the costs involved. With OmegaCash, we provide you with a toll free adult phone sex number(s) that is unique only to you. All calls answered on your unique adult phone sex number(s) will be credited to your account.

By joining our Anything Goes program your callers receive the benefits of multiple billing options and our 24 hour customer service 7 days a week. We work hard providing every opportunity for you to make money with your Adult Phone Sex numbers.

Our Anything Goes program is designed for maximum exposure and marketing opportunities. Whether your marketing your assigned adult phone sex number on the internet; in print or both, we have the tools, contacts and experience you will need to start the adult phone sex revenue flowing and maintain it for years to come.

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